Quarterly e-Mag

. . . or the Journal of Stuff Law Firms Should be Writing About.

Creative Legal Content is releasing the next edition of The Journal of Stuff Law Firms Should be Writing About on May 15th.

We can – right now, anyway – only write for so many attorneys . . .original content is fun but, like comedy, it’s hard.

The E-zine

So . . all the stories we flag, shows we watch, books we read, articles we save on Evernote, stuff we research aren’t always used or only used in one particular way. Or, we run  across a really – really – great, perfect, awesome, ‘oh my God, this is so [type of law goes here] it’s scary’ article or movie or book or whatever . . . and we don’t currently have a client firm practicing in that area. 

That, for us, is like having the perfect wedding speech all set to go – you know, the kind the character played by Tina Fey or 1990’s Hugh Grant would give –  only to find out at the last second that you’re being replaced by a ne’er-do-well, drunk relative. 

We’ve decided to share. Along with ideas, links, hints, quotes, and all that, we’re also sharing writing tidbits, social media advice and much more. We’ll have articles on writing everything from a web page to Social Media, to blogs and op-eds. Links to things you should be writing about with examples of hooks and making the connection to your practice; general and, of course, concentration-specific content that’s right in front of you but almost always overlooked in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and practice – even in normal times. 

We love this stuff and live off of it – now you can too. 

We can’t write for everyone . . . but we also can’t just sit back and watch FindLaw and the others pump out dull posts/blog/sTweets/webpages over and over again.

Plus, we definitely need to stomp out posts about Statutes in our lifetime.