It’s different for everyone, though services revolve around the indisputable fact that  it really doesn’t help for a prospective client to check out your Facebook company page and be confronted with ‘Season’s Greetings 2016’ as the most recent post.

It probably doesn’t help a whole lot that your blog has article after article displaying the kind of deep, solid, intellectual grasp over your area of expertise that really only a federal law clerk could fully appreciate. Unless, of course, you’re marketing to federal law clerks.

Simply (very simply) we write original content for blogs, web sites, Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or Facebook accounts on a consistent basis to promote expertise in a specific area of the law.

Potential clients and referral sources are our target market; branding, publicity, and a higher profile are goals.

A few things we do:

  • Write original content stories and posts revolving around any of the issues that affect your practice, particularly when they pop up in the news or popular culture or … This may, however, be expanded as you see fit, i.e., to include … Well, whatever we think will work in your concentration, in your region.
  • We write web pages – after we talk to you. We will do the writing, we will not touch design, look, feel. Why? Because we’re writers not designers . . . or SEO experts . . . or photographers . . .
  • We can revamp, coordinate, and manage Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and blog accounts as far as content. This may include following centers of influence; engaging in on-line conversations to build relationships; publicizing posts; developing and executing a social content strategy for greater visibility; developing mission statements, boosting your online profiles.
  • We usually include monthly newsletters comprised of a message and the month’s greatest hits from blogs and social media.
  • Train office staff to run and maintain social media … not, please note, how to post and boost and all that, but how, why, and what to post and how to caption (read spin) so that a great article from The New York Times, or the Times-Picayune means something for the firm and to the potential client.  We can’t make anyone watch 40 years worth of movies and TV, but we can show them how to relate popular culture to the business. Oh yeah, and all that law stuff too.


We also write and publish books with our clients. These are not guidebooks to areas of the law or anything else that can make for a glorified brochure. Real books. About the client, their work, the profession, their clients … the works.