Referrals and Availability


Most of our clients come to us from other clients. Because we don’t use bots or regurgitate items or any one of the many things the ‘big guys’ do (feel free to ask us about what our clients have told us about the ‘big guys’ practices) we have limited space at any given time.

If you’re a client who wants to send a firm our way, check here or drop us a line about availability, it will be updated regularly.

Right now we can accept three clients for blogging/social media/web original content writing. That’s it, that will bring us to our max and hopefully keep us that way for awhile.

Our average time with a client is well over 2 years*, openings usually occur when a firm we write for merges or there is a significant change in firm management. It happens, law firms are just like every other business in the 2010s – fluid. 

We now have two slots for a non-fiction full-length book project. That will effectively close out our ability to collaborate, edit, and publish a book for at least the next three months.

We have two spots this month for our ‘train someone in your office to do this’ service.

Thanks for your interest!

  • We started ‘this thing of ours’ in January, 2016.