About Us

Dave Woods is our COO as well as a writer, consultant, and some as yet to be determined three letter acronym denoting  vast responsibility.  He is a graduate of UConn Law School, where he was the Valedictorian of the Class of 2015.

Dave is an Army vet –  he served as a cryptologic linguist specializing in Korean (are we expanding to an Asian market? Don’t ask me, I’m just the writer). There’s a lot more, but we’ll save it for later. Just know for now that he is as warped as Roland is and has an extensive background in popular culture, obscure music, television, books, trivia, and weird things related to the law. 

Roland Hicks, Founder/writer/creator always wanted to write for a living, was advised during a Contracts class his third month of law school to do just that but thought, ‘hey, I’m here, I like law school, and, well, how can anyone …’ you know how it goes.

He started a small practice in Greenwich, Ct, had a business client with assets of every description around the world, worked diligently to set up corporations, partnerships, LLC’s, hedge funds, reviewed countless joint venture agreements … yada, yada, yada it was all fake. All. Of. It.

So, this: arrested, went to 10 prisons in 5 states over 4 1/2 years; sued for release in state and federal courts representing himself – something that would make Don Quixote wince- was evicted from prison by court order. In doing so he joined a very different one-percent. He survived through an innate ability to to shoot a basketball, being inured to violence by virtue of 16 years of First Division Rugby, listening to the legal woes of everyone – inmates and staff, and wrote. Every day. Finally.

He will be releasing his story soon: Scandalous & Impertinent, A Lawyer’s Journey Up the Backstairs of the Criminal Justice System.

Roland started CLC with one client in 2015 and things began to develop rapidly from there. He has also published two well received, very different, novels – the first two volumes of a seven volume series about a lawyer in the Civil War.

He fully expects to be believed about the Civil War and disbelieved about America’s criminal justice system.